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Sup, I'm Zombi and welcome to my art blog. -->WARNING THERE WILL BE BLOOD/GORE, GURO AND SOMETIMES NSFW HERE.<--

--Please read my FAQ before you send me any questions that is already answered.--

He can keep the couch.Dexter a.k.a Thanatos belongs to meJack the ripper belongs to crowntron

He can keep the couch.
Dexter a.k.a Thanatos belongs to me
Jack the ripper belongs to crowntron

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I&#8217;m glad my close friend really like the idea of her delphox gijinka to pair up with my shiny hawlucha gijinka. They are pretty good couples to us.Martha belongs to vahlre Enrique belongs to me

I’m glad my close friend really like the idea of her delphox gijinka to pair up with my shiny hawlucha gijinka. They are pretty good couples to us.
Martha belongs to vahlre 
Enrique belongs to me

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smilearak asked: (sorry to be completely rude, i'm only curious) Are you a guy or girl?


I prefer it if people didn’t know. I don’t care what pronoun you use for me.

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alister-dokimuth asked: I like logan he's... very hairy... yes. he's a blessing of a gjinka


Thank you. 0vvvv0 He look like a werewolf with all that hair and perfect beard. haha.

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#if i want to draw him as a werewoof  #i had this idea stick in my mind for long time  #zombi ask  #alister-dokimuth 
alexmadam asked: Will you ever do any NSFW pictures with Logan and Zero in their Pokeforms?


Yes. I honestly don’t mind that. It really depends on my mood and ideas to draw them.

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#i have been drawing furries long time ago before tumblr exist  #zombi ask  #this isn't new to me  #alexmadam 
boo-polar-bear asked: I don't have a question, I just want to say how in love I'm with your drawining, really.


That’s fine. Thank you so much. >wwww0b

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felixmaxis asked: I actually wanted to cosplay your chesninja once after I get the experience


I know you meant Chesnaught in the other message. I can’t wait you get more experience cosplaying! A lot of people wanted to cosplay my friends gijinka Greninja and Delphox because how simple and easy. I would be so happy to see someone cosplay Logan in the future. 

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Oh wow. Thank you so much!

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smilearak asked: Zombi, can your Pokesona Mega Evolve?


Hell yeah! It’s toobad he doesn’t change much or doesn’t look like a bara. :c I like the red gems eyes touch. So cool. That huge ass rupee he can use as a shield! Overall I’m happy his type stay the same, but the down side his sp def decrease and sp atk increase while mega evolve. I honestly don’t like it imo. I will use it to mega evolve because my friend is going to give me the stone. I am getting the omega version because i love Groudon and ruby is my favorite in the past~! Overall my Sableye is pretty bulky and most likely a troll with the hidden ability. ;D

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froakacious asked: I'm totally gonna cosplay your greninja gijinka holy fuck it's perfect


YOOOOOOO!!! I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE IT! Send photos to my close friend crowntron because that is her baby not mine~! ;3 If you are too shy to send pics to her, I can totally reblog it on my main side to show it to her. She would be so excited to see it.

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